ESNN 071250Z AUTO 33014/20KT 9999 ///// 04/M10 Q0998 Decode these METAR and in addition what does the following stand for: NCD 


METAR-TYPE. taf: ltfj 111640z 1118/1218 03015kt 9999 bkn030 tempo The METAR-Reader decodes and presents the current METARs of more than 9500 

R04R4500VP6000FT, Runway 4R RVR Runway visual range in meters (feet for the U.S.) Range  For example, in the KSTL TAF, "33025/35" means wind 330, average speed 25 knots, peak speed 35 knots. Significant weather is decoded using Table 11. " GRADU 2122 33015 9999 WX NIL 3SC030" means a gradual change Jan 27, 2021 What is a METAR weather report and how do pilots decode METARs and TAFs? Get our 9999 refers to a visibility of 10,000m or more. METAR WARR 120330Z 30007KT 260V340 9999 SCT020 31/23 Q1008= rest of the codes are SKC (sky clear), NSC (No Significant Cloud) and CAVOK  Project libraries used to decode airport METAR weather information into adequate METAR LKPR 211530Z 31019KT 9999 FEW030 07/01 Q1013 NOSIG RMK  METAR Codes Exam Question DLLO 121550Z 31018G30KT 9999 FEW060TCU BKN070 14/08 Q1016 TEMPO 4000 TS= Above METAR  Contribute to maxp/metar-decoder development by creating an account on VBR: 360) :int vis: visibility m (0-9999) :int vid: visibility direction [N,NE,E,SE,S,SW   Original METAR code. 2021/03/30 16:56 BGTL 301656Z AUTO 00000KT 9999 CLR M20/M24 A2953 RMK AO2 SLP992 T11971238 TSNO $  Codes and abbreviations used in METAR, METAR AUTO, SPECI and TAF. Code for significant present and forecast weather at the aerodrome. Aerodrome  type codes: SAJP (METAR) or SAARP (local routine reports)).

Metar decoder 9999

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A Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) is a concise statement of the expected meteorological conditions at an airport during a specified period (usually 24 hours). Each ICAO state may modify the code as needed. The TAF code, as described here, is the one used in the United States. TAFs use the same weather code found in METAR weather METAR ("Aviation Routine You can use the above sites to obtain METAR lines and decode them with MetarWeather utility. VTCC 161530Z 00000KT 9999 FEW035 25/24 METAR text: RJOC 100400Z 07014KT 9999 FEW030 SCT/// 14/01 Q1031: Conditions at: RJOC (IZUMO AIRPORT , JP) observed 0400 UTC 10 April 2021 Temperature: 14.0°C Download METAR Decoder Software Package Library for free.

A special METAR (SPECI) can be issued at any interval between  METAR and TAF translation made simple -- easily decode aviation METARs and TAFs into color-coded, plain language aviation weather data with  Dec 11, 2019 TAF FACT 031410Z 0312/0418 17026KT 9999 FEW035 TX26/0412Z There are many codes that can be used for explaining the weather in  EGAA 121100Z 1212/1312 VRB03KT 9999 FEW015 SCT035 PROB40 TEMPO 1213/1221 7000 SHRA PROB30 TEMPO 1221/1224 7000 SHRA BKN007  0915/0918 3000 BR DZ BKN004 PROB40 0918/0923 9999 NSW. BKN012= ESGG t väderfenomen enligt tabellen för METAR förutsägs förek. meta-metar.

start - taf - metar - nswc Last updated Sun Apr 11 13:40:01 UTC 2021 ESDF AMD 111219Z 1112/1119 09015G25KT 8000 -RA BKN012 TEMPO 1112/1117 SCT012 …

METAR SAWH 201400Z 23020G33KT 9999 VCSH SCT012 SCT045 02/00  Aug 25, 2020 Here's your guide to decoding a METAR like a pro. A reading of 9999 would indicate visibility of over 10 kilometers. A reading of 0000  9999.

METAR: Nature du message, ici : METAR LFQN: Code OACI de l'aérodrome (ici : aérodrome de St-Omer/Wizernes) 201630Z: observation pour le 20 du mois à 16h30 UTC (Z, prononcé "Zoulou", signifie : UTC) 18005KT: Vent du 180° (Sud), vitesse 5 nœuds (1 kt = 1,852 km/h) 4000: Visibilité horizontale de 4 km ("9999" signifierait "supérieure à 10

Weather Report Report issued: 30th Mar 2021 at 20:50 GMT. Coded TAF: 2017/07/19 06:33 TAF TAF EGOV 190525Z 1906/1918 04008KT CAVOK PROB30 TEMPO 1906/1912 6000 SHRA TEMPO 1912/1915 4000 +SHRA SCT020 BKN030CB PROB30 TEMPO 1913/1915 VRBG20G30KT 2500 TSGR BKN012. METAR KCON 131751Z AUTO 00000KT 2SM +RA BR OVC013 08/06 A3012 RMK AO2 SLP202 P0017 60115 T00780061 10089 20072 53004 were commonplace over southern and eastern New England during the rainy siege.

metar: kord 110041z 00000kt 10sm -ra sct038 ovc049 10/08 a2935 rmk ao2 p0012 t01000083 METAR VISIBILITY METAR EDDF 071320Z 22008KT 9999 SCT036 SCT090 BKN280 19/10 Q1011 NOSIG At overseas locations, visibility is reported in meters, and SM is omitted. The largest reportable metric value is 9999. This value represents a visibility greater than 10000 meters (7 SM or more).
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In this case the gusts are 26 knots.

Visibility 9999 means the visibility is greater than 10 km / / means this part of the METAR is not available (ie cloud and visibility not available from an automated weather station) SCT025 is scattered cloud base 2500 ft 19/04 is the temperature (19 deg C) and dewpoint (4 deg C). 10SM = visibility.
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If 9999 is shown it indicates that the visibility is 10 km or more. This is a typical METAR and is quite easy to decode. The report was measured at 1050 UTC and it shows that Amsterdam was reporting a wind of 240 at 15 kts, the visibility was 9km (9000m), it was raining

Luton valid from ten hundred to nineteen hundred Zulu on the 30th. Wind two three zero degrees ten knots. Ten kilometres or more visibility. Visibility : 9999 = 10 km or above, 7000 = 7 km, 0000 = less than 50 m : CAVOK = sky and visibility OK : As a result of an amendment by the International Civil Aviation Organization starting from 1 November 2001, the night-time visibility for aviation purpose represents the greatest distance at which light in the vicinity of 1 000 candelas can be seen and identified against an unlit background > METAR Decoding METAR’s are different from TAF’s in that they are actual weather reports and not forecasts for a given airfield, indeed they are sometimes refered to as ‘Actual’s’. They appear in the same format as TAF’s and share many common codes, with a few extra groups thrown in. Private Flying - METAR Decode - The latest METAR for Liverpool is as follows: EGGP 101850Z 16013KT 9999 NSC 18/12 Q1007 What does the "NSC" Visibility 9999 means the visibility is greater than 10 km / / means this part of the METAR is not available (ie cloud and visibility not available from an automated weather station) SCT025 is scattered cloud base 2500 ft 19/04 is the temperature (19 deg C) and dewpoint (4 deg C). Questions - METAR Decode - METAR for Ndola,Zambia FLND 210900Z 00000KT 9/9 SCT025 BKN100 26/19 Q1021 Anybody knows what's the 9/9 thing ?